Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Lip balms

To me a lip balm is a life saver.
There are so many different kinds, that do so many different things and they come in so many colours, shapes, sizes, brands, whatever else. A lip balm is every girl's essential beauty product (well in my eyes it is anyway!) Even when your not wearing any make up you can still look fresh with just the right lip balm.

My current obsessions are Maybelline Baby Lips and The Body Shop Born Lippy lip balms. At moment I just have the Maybelline Baby Lip - Cherry Me one, which is just so moisturising and the smell is subtle because I'm not very keen on cherry flavoured things but to me this lip balm doesn't have a strong scent and it comes in handy when I don't really feel like making an effort for college but this lip balm helps to but a bit of colour on to my lips. I've also have the Pink Punch and Mint Fresh ones too and I thought they were moisturising but I wasn't really keen on the smell or taste of them.

My obsessions at the minute!

Now when it comes to the The Body Shop Lip Balms.. I have literally only just discovered them a few weeks ago. I was suffering from a cold and my lips were becoming quite chapped and the Maybelline lip balm did work but I just want something that I had to keep reapplying once the product had come off. So I just thought why not try the Body Shop for a new lip balm.. I always hear great things about them but I never really tried them but I thought they were too expensive.
So.. me and my friend decided to go to town and I thought I should just get one and try it out.. And boy I'm so glad that I did. They have done my lips wonders! Now I would only say that the Body Shop is good for people who like sweet scented things. But if you want a lip balm that is moisturising, smells great, feels nice get this! I have currently have the strawberry and raspberry flavoured one and I seriously just love them!
I tend to apply my lip balm on when I've just brushed my teeth and then if I have college that day I won't need to reapply it until I get back home.. (I leave at half 7 and finish at 4).
I actually adore these Lip balms and for just £2 each you can't go wrong really...

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